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What is the DEPOSIT RANGE?
What is the DEPOSIT RANGE?
Learn about the SHIFT minimum and maximum deposit amounts avatar
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Every SHIFT order has a MINIMUM and MAXIMUM amount that users can deposit. The amounts are displayed on the ORDER PAGE after users have selected their coin pairing:

For more detailed information to HELP if you have sent outside the DEPOSIT RANGE:

The DEPOSIT RANGE is denominated in the COIN selected to SHIFT to 

The minimum amount will UPDATE with changes to the COIN PRICE relative to other COINS and DEPEND on the current network fees & other costs required for to SEND the COIN selected for SHIFT settlement.

The maximum amount is determined by that SHIFT deposits above this require to be MANUALLY PROCESSED by a human. This is usually within minutes although can sometimes take longer depending on DEMAND for the COIN receiving from will NOT RESTRICT the amount that USER can send for their SHIFT when selecting the VARIABLE RATE option. For the FIXED RATE selection, USER will need to INPUT the amount to RECEIVE for their SHIFT which will be REJECTED if outside the DEPOSIT RANGE.


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