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What are FIXED and VARIABLE rates?
What are FIXED and VARIABLE rates?

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All ORDERS have two options for their shift rates: FIXED or VARIABLE.

The SHIFT RATE is the exchange rate applied to the selected COINS. This is displayed on the Order Page directly next the RATE option button.


The EXCHANGE RATE constantly updates until you SEND funds to for your SHIFT. Once funds are deposited, the exchange rate becomes LOCKED-IN:

Network fees are displayed separately on the Shift Order page and are not included in the Live Exchange Rate displayed

TIP: Users can SEND any amount to for their SHIFT within the DEPOSIT RANGE.


The EXCHANGE RATE for selected coins is LOCKED-IN for 15 minutes after pressing "SHIFT". Users must first enter the EXACT coin amount they wish to SEND before creating their order.

If users send a different amount than what is displayed on their Order Page, the deposit will be REJECTED and refunded.

Network fees are included in the Live Exchange Rate and will update depending on the fixed deposit/settle amount entered by user before creating an order.

TIP: DEPOSIT as soon as possible to avoid losing your LOCKED-IN rate, which expires within 15 minutes.

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