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SideShift Token (XAI)
How can I earn SideShift Token (XAI)?
How can I earn SideShift Token (XAI)?

Learn the ways HUMANS can earn XAI avatar
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There are several ways in which HUMANS can earn SideShift Token (XAI), the native token of

  1. Refer other HUMANS using your referral link and be rewarded with 0.5% of the total volume they shift.

  2. Stake XAI to receive your share of 25% of's daily revenue. Read more about staking in our help article.

  3. Integrate into your crypto product or platform and earn 0.5% of the total volume when your users SHIFT.

  4. Help SideShift by IDENTIFYING major bugs and get rewarded in XAI or any SIdeShift supported token of your choice via the Bug Bounty Program. Rewards are set proportionally to the severity of the bug.

For HUMANS who prefer to buy XAI instead of earning it, you can do so via or learn about other methods in the following help article. 🎈

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