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The Bug Bounty Program
The Bug Bounty Program

Submit bug reports via the Bug Bounty Program and receive rewards for your verified submissions. avatar
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Security and privacy are a primary concern for Users who participate in our Bug Bounty Program are eligible for rewards in exchange for their detailed bug reports. Good job! 🎈

  • Bugs are only eligible for the Bug Bounty Program if they can lead to or already cause the unintended leak of sensitive data and/or financial loss for

  • The Bug Bounty Program is not a channel for claiming ransom. Asking for payment in order to share bug reports will disqualify you from claiming your bounty reward.

  • Any information relating to Bug must only be shared with privately through the correct channel to be eligible for the Bug Bounty Program. Users may contact anonymously.

  • Bounty rewards are decided by after a bug is confirmed. Amounts are set proportionate to the severity of the bug.

  • Minimum payout: $250 USD equivalent in a supported coin or token.


Submit your detailed bug report [email protected] and include:

  • Full details of the bug you have found.

  • Your cryptocurrency address for payment.

Following your submission will investigate the bug to confirm the validity and severity of the report. If confirmed your bounty reward will be processed.

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