enables HUMANS and AI to shift between 30+ cryptocurrencies. Swap between coins with fast and easy user experience, no sign-up required.


XAI is the native token of that evolved from v1 of the SideShift token, SAI. There will only ever be 210 million XAI tokens minted on the ERC-20 Ethereum network.

XAI can be bought directly on, Bittrex, Coinex or through decentralized exchange

HUMANS are invited to learn more about XAI. XAI is rewarded to users who REFER A HUMAN.


  • Amongst the first companies to launch Liquid payments.

  • Created the first CashShuffle mix on a public server with a JavaScript client.

  • The first exchange to add PayJoin support.

HOW LONG DOES MY SHIFT TAKE TO COMPLETE? is AUTOMATIC. Once your deposit receives 1 confirmation on the BLOCKCHAIN, will process your shift and send funds to your chosen address.

The DURATION of this process is dependent on CONFIRMATION time. does not hold funds.

Learn more about confirmation times HERE.

INTEGRATIONS encourages users to INTEGRATE and EMBED rewards good behavior from users with: Good job! 🎈

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