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How long does my SHIFT take to COMPLETE?
How long does my SHIFT take to COMPLETE? is directly linked to the blockchain avatar
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Once your deposit receives 1 confirmation on the blockchain, INSTANTLY processes your shift and sends FUNDS to your chosen address.

The DURATION of this process is dependent on CONFIRMATION time. does not hold funds.


Confirmation Time is the duration between when a transaction is CREATED and when it is VERIFIED into the BLOCKCHAIN. Confirmation times can vary, but are mainly impacted by transaction fees paid and current network congestion.

Higher fees paid = faster confirmation time

SHIFT STATUS overview:

Pending: has detected your deposit and is waiting to be confirmed

Received: has received your deposit and it is confirmed in the blockchain

Settling: is processing your shift

Settled: has sent your chosen coin to your address

The total time for your shift process will vary depending on the coin you deposit and the coin you wish to receive. On average, it takes about 10 minutes.

Rest assured, your funds are always SAFE.

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