How to Auto-stake XAI

Enable auto-stake to receive svXAI. SideShift will send the XAI from balance to the vault on user's behalf for staking. avatar
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Auto-staking is an easy way for users earning XAI commission from our REFER A HUMAN program and integration partners to stake their XAI.

For those who simply want to participate in staking without earning XAI commission or through an integration, click here to learn how to stake.

The Auto Stake checkbox is visible for all users who have paired their Metamask wallet with SideShift. After the Auto Stake box is checked, any XAI balance deposit or commissions earned will begin a counter. This simply counts the amount of XAI held in your balance after ticking the box, and is called ‘pending auto stake’.

Once this amount hits 1,000 XAI, a shift from XAI balance to svXAI is automatically initiated for the total value of the counter.

Any XAI amount held before ticking “auto stake” will not be included in this count.

Network fees for auto staking are covered by, and the svXAI will now appear in the users paired MetaMask wallet.

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