Claim your svXAI balance and add it to your MetaMask wallet to see your share of the staked XAI in the VAULT.

Please note: this only applies to users who paired their account to their MetaMask wallet before our on-chain migration on the 6th of July 00:00 UTC.

Step 1

Go to the STAKE PAGE

Step 2

Click "CLAIM"

Step 3

On the MetaMask pop-up, click "Confirm"

TIP: You will need a small amount of ETH in MetaMask wallet to perform the transaction

Step 4

On your MetaMask wallet, click the "import tokens" hyperlink

Step 5

Select "Custom Token" and enter the VAULT contract address: 0x3808708e761b988d23ae011ed0e12674fb66bd62

Step 6

The Token Symbol and Token Decimal will be autofilled, then click "Add Custom Token"

Step 7

Click "Import Token"

You will now see your svXAI balance displayed on your MetaMask account

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