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What is SideShift Staking?
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By participating in SideShift Staking users earn a portion of 25% of's revenue, distributed daily to the SideShift on-chain staking vault. Users can stake their XAI and receive svXAI, representing their portion of the vault.

The easiest way to obtain XAI for staking or svXAI directly is on

Following the successful staking migration to the Ethereum network, stakers now accrue XAI staking rewards automatically on-chain. XAI rewards are distributed to our staking vault daily at 00:00 UTC. This will increase the amount of XAI that users can redeem for svXAI. Users are invited to learn more about svXAI.

The daily amount your svXAI will increase to be worth more XAI is calculated by the proportion of XAI you hold in the vault relative to the TOTAL amount in the vault, multiplied by 25% of daily revenue.

(Your Staked XAI held in the vault / Total Staked XAI in the vault) * 25% of daily revenue = Human’s Daily Rewards

View the total amount of XAI currently staked here.

Users can also easily view their XAI information on the 'Stake' tab, which displays information in 4 sections:

  1. XAI Balance on SideShift: The amount of XAI you are holding on the site.

  2. XAI Balance in Wallet: The amount of XAI (erc-20) held in your paired MetaMask wallet which can be staked. Unstaked XAI will also appear here.

  3. svXAI Balance in Wallet: Your current portion of the staking vault

  4. Redeemable svXAI: The total amount of XAI you have in the vault, including daily staking rewards, that your svXAI represents.

As rewards accrue, your svXAI balance will stay the same while your redeemable XAI balance will increase.

Kindly Note:

SideShift Token (XAI) and SideShift Staking are not available in the United States or other prohibited jurisdictions. If you are located in, incorporated or otherwise established in, or a resident of the United States of America, you are not permitted to transact in XAI. The staking revenue portion percentage is subject to change.

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