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GENERAL QUERIES's Risk Management Policy's Risk Management Policy’s refund policy for funds flagged by a third-party risk solution avatar
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To prevent from being used for illegal or malicious activities, works closely with industry-leading third-party risk solutions in order to accurately determine the source and destination of transactions.

If either the deposit transaction or settle address for a shift is affiliated with illegal or malicious activities it will be flagged. Flagged shifts will be paused and set up for human review. During the review process the transaction will either be:

A) Deemed acceptable. The shift will be processed as usual.

B) Deemed not acceptable. The account will be suspended and the deposit refunded to the user after a holding period.

Some flagged deposits of a serious nature may require the user to complete identity verification prior to processing a refund. takes pride in protecting its users from illegal activity. Shifts obstructing this mission will not be tolerated.

LEGAL & LAW ENFORCEMENT ENQUIRIES will respond to law enforcement enquiries from authorized officials with proof of authority and provide requested information relating to illicit activity. For more information, view our legal page.

Accurate shift information will be made available to said authorities upon official request.

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