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Updated over a week ago’s integration allows users to SHIFT within the wallet app. Users can SHIFT between BTC, BCH, USDT (SLP), and ETH with this integration.

In the wallet app the term “SWAP” is used instead of “SHIFT”.


Step 1

Select the SWAP button on the home screen

Step 2

Select the COIN you would like to send to to SWAP

In the example below we are swapping from Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to USDT (Tether).

Step 3

On the left input field, enter the amount you wish to SEND. You will then be able to view the Live Exchange Rate.

Step 4

If you have multiple wallets within the app, you can select which wallet you wish to send funds from for the SWAP. Do this by pressing the wallet icon on the bottom left corner of the screen and selecting your preferred wallet.

Step 5

Press the “Select a wallet” button under the Receiving wallet headline and select your preferred wallet. This is where you will RECEIVE swapped funds.

Step 6

Press the “Confirm and swap” button.

Step 7

Review the SWAP summary and then slide the green arrow to initiate the SWAP. will automatically PROCESS your SWAP. Read more about SHIFT/SWAP TIMES here.


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