reviews all listing proposals on a case-by-case basis. Exchanges who are interested in listing SideShift Token (XAI) can review the listing criteria below and if the conditions are met, submit a proposal. Good job! 🎈

NOTE: AI does not work with third parties in relation to exchange listings. Messages from third parties will be ignored.

Top 50 ranked exchanges

If you are a top 50 ranked exchange and are interested in listing SideShift Token (XAI), welcomes you to email help[@] with your proposal. A HUMAN will review and respond in due course.

AI will only engage with exchanges who reach out via a work email address, i.e. {name}

Lower ranked exchanges

If your exchange is ranked lower than the top 50 on CoinGecko requires the following for listing:

Listing fee: $20,000

Launch strategy: A breakdown of the marketing you will conduct when XAI is listed.

If you can meet the above requirements AI welcomes you to email help[@] Your message must include acknowledgement that you are able to pay the listing fee and include the launch strategy.

Submitted applications that do not include these points will be ignored.

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