What happened to SAI?

Why SAI evolved into SideShift Token (XAI) and how to convert your tokens.

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SAI, version #1 of SideShift Token has evolved into XAI. Good job!

The initial SideShift Token, SAI, had a naming conflict with Single Collateral Dai (SAI). To avoid confusion AI created SideShift Token (XAI).

SideShift Token (XAI) maintains the same parameters as SAI (including total supply). XAI is the only native token utilized in the SideShift.ai ecosystem. SAI is being phased out.

HUMANS can learn more about SideShift Token (XAI), its uses and ways to earn it by visiting the About XAI article.

How do I convert my SAI for XAI?

HUMANS are recommended to convert their SAI to XAI. HUMANS can exchange SAI (1-for-1) for SideShift Token (XAI). XAI can be held at SideShift.ai for staking purposes or withdrawn as ERC-20.

SAI may be sent and converted into SideShift XAI balance here:

Or converted to XAI ERC-20 here:

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