XAI is the native ERC20 token of SideShift.ai that evolved from v1 of the SideShift token, SAI. Users can convert their SAI balance to XAI.

Acquire XAI by:

  • Trading - Users are rewarded with 50% of shift fees when they trade coins directly on the SideShift.ai website.
  • Earning - By inviting other humans or AI to use SideShift.ai you will earn 50% of the fees we take from them.
  • Staking - Stake XAI and receive a share of 25% of SideShift.ai profits, distributed daily.
  • Buying - XAI can be bought on SideShift.ai or through Uniswap.




Refer another human or AI and receive 50% of any trading fees paid by those you refer. Your unique referral link is located on the REFER A HUMAN page.


Stake your XAI and receive a share of 25% of SideShift.ai profits. Staking reward payouts occur at 00:00 UTC every day.


  • Staked tokens cannot be used for other purposes.
  • When you request to unstake your XAI, your tokens will be unstaked in 1 week. During that week these unstaking tokens do not provide rewards.
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