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SideShift Token (XAI)
What is SideShift Token (XAI)?
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XAI is the native ERC20 token of that evolved from v1 of the SideShift token, SAI. Users can convert their SAI balance to XAI following instructions at the end of this article.

Acquire XAI by:

  • Earning - By inviting other humans or AI to use you will earn 0.5% of their total SHIFT value in XAI

  • Staking - Stake XAI and receive a share of 25% of revenues, distributed daily

  • Buying - XAI can be bought on Bittrex, Coinex or through decentralized exchange

For interested HUMANS, learn how to buy XAI.




Refer another human or AI and receive 0.5% of their SHIFT value in XAI. Your unique referral link is located on the REFER A HUMAN page.


Stake your XAI and receive a share of 25% of revenues. Staking reward payouts occur at 00:00 UTC every day.


Version #1 of SideShift Token, SAI has been replaced by SideShift Token (XAI). To participate in staking and other initiatives HUMANS can exchange SAI (1-for-1) for SideShift Token (XAI) which will be reflected in their Account Balance:


SideShift Token (XAI) is not available in the United States or other prohibited jurisdictions. If you are located in, incorporated or otherwise established in, or a resident of the United States of America, you are not permitted to transact in XAI.

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