has created its own native SAI token that can be earned as part of the affiliate program that is designed to encourage the participation of affiliated users in the SideShift AI network.

As part of the Affiliate Program, will automatically reimburse 50% of any fee paid for your shift in the form of SAI token.

SideShift AI user’s can also share their own unique referral link to people and be rewarded 50% of any fee paid on all shifts made by anyone who uses your link located on your Affiliate Page:

Other online services that integrate as payment method or swap service will also earn 50% SAI on all shifts made by user’s through their service. 

To learn more about integration also see articles Integrate

All SAI token earned accumulates with every shift made and stored on the individual’s affiliate page. Here user’s can view and export their SAI earnings history as well as withdraw their SAI balance.

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