The EMBED tool allows USERS to create their own SHIFT button and add to their website as a PAYMENT METHOD. 

The EMBED tool is located HERE

The SHIFT button created using the EMBED tool is constructed by inputting the DEFAULT settle COIN and ADDRESS to receive payment:

People who click on the SHIFT button can DEPOSIT any COIN listed on and you automatically receive the DEFAULT settle COIN to your chosen ADDRESS

This is enabled by inserting the script generated for the SHIFT button into your website:

The automated SHIFT button works by generating a order for any COIN deposited that is settled to the SHIFT button DEFAULT address. 

Learn more about how to SHIFT using HERE

As part of the affiliate program, you will receive 50% of any fee from payments made using the SHIFT button. This is paid in SAI,’s native token.

Learn more about SAI token and the affiliate program HERE


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