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How do Bitcoin Cash atomic shifts work?
How do Bitcoin Cash atomic shifts work?

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When a USER shifts between Bitcoin Cash and an SLP token, create an ATOMIC SHIFT. The USER will receive their SLP tokens almost instantly.

How does it work?

  1. USER selects Bitcoin Cash -> SLP SHIFT.

2. USER sends Bitcoin Cash to, in this case 0.005 BCH.

3. creates a transaction which includes the BCH sent by the USER (red arrows) and USDH (green arrow). Some of this USDH will be SETTLED to the USER.

4. The USER receives the USDH (red arrow) and the remaining USDH is returned to (green arrow).

If a USER attempts to double-spend and the BCH sent to is not confirmed, then the SHIFT will be void and no USDH will be sent to the USER.

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