Every shift order has a MINIMUM deposit amount. In order for SHIFTS to be PROCESSED, users must make a deposit within the DEPOSIT RANGE.

SideShift.ai displays the minimum deposit amount on the shift ORDER PAGE:

Any deposit sent BELOW the MINIMUM will be REJECTED by SideShift.ai. Users will then be asked to enter their REFUND ADDRESS. SideShift.ai will REVIEW your ORDER and REFUND in due course.

If users need additional help, they can contact SideShift.ai's customer support by clicking on the Chatbox function at the bottom right of the page.

SideShift.ai will DETERMINE whether to PROCESS or REFUND the SHIFT based on the network & other fees applicable.

If user is having trouble locating their ORDER NUMBER, SideShift.ai has provided ARTICLE How do I find my SideShift.ai ORDER NUMBER? to HELP.


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