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Kindly review the information below regarding coin recovery. If you have a recovery request that falls within the stated parameters, please submit a general support request via our Live Chat function while providing your Order ID and mistaken deposit transaction ID.

A deposit of one coin to a different coin's address is considered an incorrect coin deposit. will only attempt to recover a wrong coin deposit which exceeds $500 USD equivalent value. A recovery fee of $200 USD paid in the coin recovered, plus any network fees paid to recover, will be charged by in order to perform this service. notes that recovering coins sent crosschain is an inherently dangerous and time consuming process. Please allow up to 30 days for our team to look into possible recovery.

Recovery Scenarios: can only attempt to recover funds which fit into one of the following 2 scenarios:

1) User deposits wrong token to a native token's address. Native tokens are those that are the inherent digital currency for that blockchain. (eg. ETH, AVAX, SOL, MATIC etc.)

2) User deposits the wrong token to a smart contract address on the same chain (eg. User deposits USDC(ERC-20) to a USDT(ERC-20) deposit address). Any deposit on a different chain will be lost as does not have a smart contract set up on the other network.

All other scenarios are not possible to recover.

Please note: *Recovery is assessed on a case by case basis. Not all coin deposits can be recovered and the time frame of recovery is solely at the discretion of the management team.*

Unsplit Tokens is NOT a Splitting Service for deposits that are replayed on a different network, but may proceed on a case by case basis.

Ie. Depositing unsplit BCH to and the transaction is replayed on the BCHABC network.

Attempting to recover unsplit coins is solely at the discretion of

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