BTC2 is a token on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain (using SLP technology) that is 1:1 backed by on-chain BTC. 

BTC2 shares similarities with USDT. As USDT an IOU for USD where Tether holds the actual USD in their bank, SideShift AI is the custodian of the on-chain BTC and issues the BTC2 token in return.

Why is this useful?

EARLY ADOPTERS are able to buy 1 BTC2 on SideShift AI for the price of 1 BTC and sell BTC2 to SideShift AI for the price of 1 BTC.

Using BTC2, EARLY ADOPTERS can transact BTC for the same price as BCH.

To use BTC2 on SideShift AI you must have an ACCESS CODE.

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