SideShift AI is an AUTOMATED COIN SWAP that allows USERS with ACCESS CODES to swap between 20+ cryptocurrencies. 

The native token of SideShift AI is SAI. There will only ever be 210 million SAI minted and it exists as a Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) token, an ERC-20 token and on the Liquid inter-exchange settlement network.  SAI is currently used for AFFILIATE PAYOUTS. In the future it is may be used to "BUY-AND-BURN" SideShift AI profits, offer TRADE INCENTIVES, create MERCHANT DISCOUNTS and more.

SideShift AI is an example of EARLY ADOPTION and INNOVATION. SideShift AI created the first CashShuffle mix on a public server with a JavaScript client, was amongst the first companies to launch Liquid payments and launched BTC2, an SLP token that is 1:1 backed by on-chain BTC. 

SideShift AI is integrated with the wallet. USERS can learn more about integrating SideShift AI here.

SideShift AI encourages USERS to embed SideShift AI. USERS can do this by visiting the SideShift AI EMBED TOOL.

SideShift AI looks up to BIG BROTHER ShapeShift.

SideShift AI rewards good behaviour from users with: Good job! 🎈

How to use SideShift AI

  1. Select your coin swap.

2. Input the address SideShift AI should send your swapped coins to.

3. Send your coins to the address/QR code provided. SideShift AI will then swap your coins.

SideShift AI is accessible by obtaining an ACCESS CODE. To apply for an ACCESS CODE visit: 🎈

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