Why did my order receive a very small deposit that I didn't send?

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network has very low transaction fees, usually under $0.01 per transaction. There are companies that send transactions containing advertisements inside of the transaction data:

The advertisers are monitoring the network for Bitcoin Cash transactions like in this example:

  • Bob creates an order on SideShift.ai from BCH to BTC

  • SideShift.ai assigns deposit address bitcoincash:foobarfoobar to the order

  • Bob sends 0.25 BCH to SideShift.ai

  • Advertiser sees the pending transaction in the Bitcoin Cash network

  • Advertiser sends 0.00001111 BCH to bitcoincash:foobarfoobar with a message that says "Come play at my casino. http://example.com"

  • SideShift.ai settles the 0.25 BCH by sending BTCC to Bob

  • SideShift.ai rejects the 0.00001111 BCH (around $0.002) deposit because it would cost more than $0.50 to send a BTC settlement

What actions must I take?



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