• 210 million SAI tokens have been minted and no more will be minted
  • Affiliate rewards are paid using SAI (currently 50% of SideShift AI’s revenue)
  • The SAI token is stored on ERC20, SLP, and Blockstream Liquid at the same time

Ethereum Smart Contract

  • Type: ERC20
  • Network: Ethereum (mainnet)
  • Address: 0xf5b403abd806eff15b339909943e2c22ecbac54c
  • Decimals: 18
  • Symbol: SAI
  • Name: Sai

Bitcoin Cash SLP Token

Blockstream Liquid Token

Where is SAI listed?

SAI can be traded on the following exchanges:

SAI can be earned by becoming a SideShift AI affiliate.

What gives SAI utility?

The goal of SideShift AI is to increase the usefulness of SAI token when interacting with SideShift AI services as well as external vendors. Measures will include:

  • Paying affiliate rewards using SAI
  • Trade driven release of SAI, where takers of exchange orders are rewarded with SAI
  • Rebates when using SAI to pay fees
  • Discounts when paying with SAI at merchant checkout
  • Paying employees, contractors, service providers, and partners in SAI

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