• 210 million SAI tokens have been minted and no more will be minted
  • Affiliate rewards are paid using SAI (currently 50% of SideShift.ai’s revenue)
  • The SAI token is stored on ERC20, SLP, and Blockstream Liquid at the same time

Ethereum Smart Contract

  • Type: ERC20
  • Network: Ethereum (mainnet)
  • Address: 0xf5b403abd806eff15b339909943e2c22ecbac54c
  • Decimals: 18
  • Symbol: SAI
  • Name: Sai

Bitcoin Cash SLP Token

Blockstream Liquid Token

Where is SAI listed?

SAI can be traded on the following exchanges:

SAI can be earned by becoming a SideShift.ai affiliate.

What gives SAI utility?

The goal of SideShift.ai is to increase the usefulness of SAI token when interacting with SideShift.ai services as well as external vendors. Measures will include:

  • Paying affiliate rewards using SAI
  • Trade driven release of SAI, where takers of exchange orders are rewarded with SAI
  • Rebates when using SAI to pay fees
  • Discounts when paying with SAI at merchant checkout
  • Paying employees, contractors, service providers, and partners in SAI

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