What is SideShift.ai?

SideShift.ai is the easiest way for you and your customers to swap one cryptocurrency for another. We are building the fastest, most user friendly coin swap service on the market.

Who are we looking to partner with?

We are open to collaborating with any cryptocurrency project that needs swaps between two or more coins. The possibilities are endless.

How do I become a partner if my product/service is not live?

We charge an integration fee of $10,000 USD (payable in any cryptocurrency of your choice) for products and services that are still in development. For this we will:

  • Build you a custom solution that fits seamlessly into your service.

  • Offer full SideShift.ai support during the integration process and following launch.

  • Give you the best coin swap solution on the market.

What do you get out of it?

SideShift.ai offers the most competitive rates to our customers and strives to give our partners a great deal too.

Your commission will depend on the factors such as the value your brand brings, the size of your community and the scope for future collaborations.

Where are you integrated already?

We have several integrations in the pipeline. Below you can see what we have live today:

Bitcoin.com Wallet (3.5 million downloads)

SideShift.ai in the Bitcoin.com wallet allows users to seamlessly swap between BTC and BCH in just a few clicks. It uses the existing wallet balance and sends back to the same address after the required amount of confirmations, which is 1 for BTC and BCH swaps.

Edge Wallet

SideShift.ai's integration with Edge wallet once again allows users to easily shift their funds to any crypto asset supported by Edge wallet, without ever having to exit the app. Shifted funds are automatically received by the wallet belonging to the user creating the shift.

Where can I find SideShift.ai technical documentation?

Please check out our API documentation here.

If you have any further questions or need a custom solution, then please email us.

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